Living in Nature

One thing I love about European floral design is that it does not hold to specific formulas or strict spacial rules – it is influenced by what’s available and by nature’s design. I love wild, garden type arrangements – bringing nature inside; bringing a little something wild and beautiful into something otherwise formal and artificial. But sometimes, living in the city, I forget what nature even looks like! My world is a world of parking lots and cubicles. I do love the city with all its stone and steel and iron. And the city does have a little nature – the ivy and moss that covers those walls and gates, and the trees someone years ago, thankfully, did not cut down. Being in the city is lovely, but everyone needs a little green.  I wish I had a more! So I buy house plants for my little house, and do floral projects for clients – it is a breath of fresh air.

And thankfully, Portland is near to the Columbia River Gorge, and surrounded by little mountain ranges that smell fabulously like dirt, fir trees and old leaves. We even have some parks that trick you into feeling like you’re in the middle of no where (Tryon Creek, Forest Park…)

But check out what this guy has done! He has built his house as a part of the landscape – the shape and materials of the building itself reflect the plants and trees that surround it. As soon as I saw this image on, I thought “I recognize those maples and blackberries!” (they’re some of my favorite textures to add to arrangements!). So Oregonian.

Here is a quote from the architect that I found to be relevant for not only an architect/client relationship, but also for any type of designer – including the floral designer and client: this is something I feel is very important, especially because of the type of events that clients come to me for… it’s all about understanding the dream and making it reality!

“It’s the responsibility of the client to find an architect who can understand their dreams and make them a reality. Make sure you and your architect are compatible with one another. Find someone you feel comfortable talking with, with whom you can talk about your wishes. Ultimately, the client and the architect have to be able to talk so that they can move in the same direction and end up exactly where you need to be.”

What’s your dream? Do you need a nature fix, or perhaps a just a little more green in your life?


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