Where to Find Flowers, part 1

One thing I love about having a floral business is having access to tons of  incredible flowers year round. If that’s not you, and you don’t have an event coming up that you need a florist for, or if you haven’t had one in the past few weeks (yes, most of my arrangements look good for well over a week), where are you supposed to get a hold of amazing flowers? If you live in the city, and you’re not a big fan of the grocery store flowers (often unimaginative, standard, not local and not fresh)  I know it can be a challenge. If those potted plants on your apartment balcony you’ve nurtured for months finally have a bloom or two and it seems a crime to cut them and bring them indoors – I totally understand (though I have way too much unfounded faith in potted plants).

So where does that leave us?

Well, I’ve mentioned the Portland Farmers Markets (which are just getting started – hooray!), but we’ve also got other options…

Grow them!

Yes, I know you rent/live in a tiny apartment/multiplex/nasty street where dogs pee on whatever you try to grow. I’m talking about getting involved in a community garden. Portland has 32 community gardens around town. If you’re interested in doing more than just growing produce/flowers for your own well being, there are also opportunities for growing enough to share, and donating some of what you have grown. This aspect of the Portland community gardens gets me excited – not only so that you have another option when your tomatoes get out of hand and your friends and family have started avoiding you so as not to take another bag of them – but so that you can have the opportunity to share with people who don’t have time, energy, ability or funds for their own freshly grown garden produce.  They have scheduled classes and events to help you get started. Side note – another benefit of the community garden: fences to keep the neighbor’s pets out.


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