Lisa’s Easter Dinner

Lisa is beautiful, tasteful, hospitable, and organized to the last detail – the idea client! I am so excited to have had the opportunity to work with her. She had seen one of my narrow table arrangements last year and decided it was the perfect fit for her family Easter dinner – beautiful and functional.

I love this style of arrangement – it’s one of my favorites because it’s not in the way. What is more annoying while you’re trying to enjoy a meal with family/friends than having to constantly crane your neck to carry on a conversation, or be worried about pollen in your glass? Ugh. Thankfully, these arrangements can be placed near enough to almost every guest to feel personal, yet is completely unobtrusive, even on oblong banquet tables.

As for design choices, I was basing color and style on Lisa’s dark blue and white dishes, and what I know of her personality, so I went with a lot of greens and whites, with a little blue and silver thrown in – to stay within the tight color palette, complimenting Lisa’s completely organized and tailored look, while not going monochromatic (in this color palette monochrome might have gotten overbearing) or matchy-matchy. The textures were so much fun to work with – I love balancing something classic, like roses and freesia, with something fun and unexpected, like spiky sea holly.




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3 responses to “Lisa’s Easter Dinner

  1. I love it! I ABSOLUTELY agree about tall arrangements at the dinner table. What is the base of this piece?

  2. Lisa

    Bramble’s table arrangments were perfect! And thoughtfully delivered the day before to give me one less thing to worry about on Easter Day. They added just the right style to the table and I loved that I got to enjoy them for several days afterwards!

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