Easter… times two!

This was a great first Easter for me as a floral designer – I had the opportunity to design flowers for two different family Easter dinners. If you remember my Easter arrangements for Lisa, you might recognize some of these flowers – I used mostly the same flowers with variations to match the different settings.

As an avid hat collector (and hat lover), I can never separate Easter from hats. Did your mom dress you up in frothy pastel dresses with little white hats, too? Easter morning was always just as much about the fashion as it was about the easter basket. And while I have upgraded from the childhood “Easter bonnet” to more refined and grown up hats, I can’t say no to the opportunity to get dressed up in something more frilly than usual and add a jaunty bit of headwear. This round arrangement below was the first to be assembled, and it got most of my Easter excitement – can you see the bonnet influence?

On a more serious note, I wanted to point out a detail or two. For buffet type tables you don’t always have to worry about things like hight and visibility like you do at a table where people are sitting and eating, so there are tons of options. But as I had already chosen flowers that would work for low arrangements, and wanted to keep the cost down, I just went with a similar look as the centerpieces, only in a round container.

I love how the romantic, delicate flowers and happy light colors contrast and totally pop with the dark table cloth – the whole beautiful-yet-not-too-formal look being brought out by the flanking vintage candle sticks. So perfect!


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  1. I think you did a fantastic job on your Easter flower designs! I love the grace and beauty of it, not to mention colors and flowers you chose.:-) And it was so wonderful to read about your love for hats in the context of Easter bonnets. I did a post on this subject just couple of weeks ago. You are welcome to stop by and read.:-) Wishing you wonderful weekend filled with inspiration and joy.:-)

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