More to Love about Spring: market season starts!

I have been so excited for May and for the season of farmers markets – and I know I’m not the only one: who is not excited for fresh, local produce and flowers, really? Don’t get me wrong – I love grocery stores, but there is something so natural and inspiring about an outdoor local market – fresh air, fresh food, dirt. It’s like a chance to be actually be actively living in a community, and supporting one another… talking to farmers who are passionate about their pesto? I can’t resist it. 

So here’s the thing: this Saturday is the opening of the Hollywood Farmers Market. And I am out of town. So sad! And I was so looking forward to sharing ideas and photos of edible arrangements.

Please go shopping for me?



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2 responses to “More to Love about Spring: market season starts!

  1. I love farmers markets! Especially in France, sitting in a cafe, watching people buy their veg and flowers…

  2. I love visiting farmer markets and usually do it very often. I love the idea of freshness and color. Beautiful combination!

    Thank you for your wonderful comment under my “Blue Martini” post. Well, answering your question, with this type of hat you can wear your hair any way you like: you can pull them back in a stylish pony tail or let them down – hat does all the work. it makes everything look perfect. :-)))

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