Wild landscapes (and flowers)

I tagged along with my husband’s photography gig in Easter Washington this past weekend… it was exhausting, but the drive was so beautiful.

I think I will always love car rides through the countryside… I can stare out a window for hours. This drive I’ve made periodically since I was a kid. It’s always interesting, but I’ve somehow never seen it in Spring. It has never been so lovely.

I wanted so badly just to pull over and go for a hike – even a short walk… especially when we saw the mountain goats (what?! yeah – it was rad). And cows on very steep slopes. We decided they probably have a different taste: adrenaline junkie cows are surely lean. 

I know camera pics out a car window don’t do any sort of landscape justice… or show much of any detail, but I hope the rugged hills and cliffs blanketed in Spring’s chartreuse grass, dotted with lupines, sage and trees brightens your day. If you haven’t recently, I recommend a drive in the country – east on I-84 if you have the chance.


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