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Summer Reading

While I’m sitting home sick and in a lull between planing and harvesting and floral gigs, I’ve been catching up on some reading. If I wasn’t too sick to move from the couch, I would definitely be out finding something sturdy to swing my hammock between so I could read outside. (You should be warned I’m obsessed with my hammock and will probably find many more opportunities to mention it.)

So, for the reading material:

-Borders has an awesome magazine selection (rivaled, at least in Portland, only by Powell’s books) where I found this fun wedding flowers mag. It’s aptly called “Wedding flowers: your expert guide to bridal blooms” for June/July 2010. It’s British, and is connected to this website (I recommend the “Real-life flowers” section). I loved their cute ideas, and that they included some ideas for doing things smaller and more affordable.

-While we’re renting and focused on potted gardens, we’re still a little obsessed with gardens and learning as much as we can about gardening before we have a yard of our own. My in-laws got wind of this and sent me a book they just found for my birthday. It’s similar to another one we’ve found, and I’m excited to actually read this one (I just got it, so I’ve only skimmed it) because we’re pretty sure this is a style/philosophy of gardening that we want to get in to. The book is “All New Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew. His website is a little intense, so I suggest checking out the book.


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More Treehouses…

…becoming a possible addiction.

Private commission tree houses. Oh yes. My obsession as a child with outdoor “play houses” and pretending to be Tiger Lily/Mogwli/etc has translated to

French company La Cabane Percheem can make your unrealistic grownup dreams come true – check this out:

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Cage Match

As a renter without a yard, I’ve invested in a few pots and various types of edibles that are pot/deck/patio/porch/balcony happy. My two year old columnar apples were getting lonely, so this year we bought some herbs.

I have a tendency to want to buy EVERY herb at the nursery… somehow we managed to finally narrow it down to three: chocolate mint, habak mint and chives. (I like chives for their lovely petite flowers, especially.)

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On Aging Well

As usual, I found it impossible to leave my leftover flowers at home while I sit in a beige and grey cubicle, so I brought them to work to enjoy their beauty, and inevitably, watch them wilt.

When I came in this morning, the red peonies, yesterday having faded slightly to a more magenta hue (one even is nearly purple with white streaks), had lost a handful of petals. There is a scattering of petals on the floor that look more like feathers than petals. The soft cluster where they dropped on the desk amazes me – I look at the blossom and swear there can’t be so many petals having fallen off when so many are still firmly attached.

Again, I wonder at the lives of flowers.

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Birthday Flowers

Last week I found the most gorgeous dark red peonies. I’m ashamed to say it, but at first I was tempted to keep them to myself. But shared joy is increased joy, so I was so happy to find an excuse to share them: the 23rd birthday of my sweet friend Abbie. I handtied a bouquet of peonies, viburnm and a few other flowers, and carted them off downtown to the Pearl to meet up with the girls.

Because really, what is a party (or a birthday) without flowers? Or a fantastic feathered headress, for that matter.

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Other People’s Ideas

I love reading other floral designer’s (or any type of designers) blogs. Some have such great ideas – I feel like I can always use some tips, especially on weddings (I’ve only had one myself… :)). This week during my usual browsing I found a few wedding floral design posts that I wanted to share.

[From my wedding photoshoot – August 2008]

Green tips

I’m a big fan of the vintage containers/vases ideas… I’ve been collecting for that very purpose

Nature influenced

Always complimentary in the NW


You can do anything imaginable with these little guys – I love it!

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A Different Type of Gardening…

As if we need one more reason to visit Scotland (or to visit every day) – check out this quirky conceptual garden. The pictures are pretty crazy, but I imagine the impact is in the experience. Two of the things I love most – art and gardens – are infinitely better in person.

Since I won’t be making it to Scotland this weekend (sigh), I think I’ll be needing a trip to the Hoyt Arboretum and the Portland Art Museum.

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