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Garden Update / Cage Match Winner?

I’m so torn on this! Chocolate mint looks a little taller, but Habak looks possibly fuller? If we’re judging by which herbs are crowding out others, both mints win – I had to start harvesting just to keep the chives alive.

Who do you think’s the winner?

[I also had to post a photo of my apple tree… I have 5 apples just as beautiful as this! So exciting… I hope they are able to fully mature this season.]


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The amazing creativity and deliciousness of our local farmers/growers/bakers around Portland never cease to amaze me!  A bunch of sugar pea tops/flowers, and some Thai flowers for a stir fry caught my eye and I couldn’t say no… such delicate, pretty things that are also edible? and I never even knew the existed? I’ve been missing out! Food texture is just as important to me as flavor, and almost anything can win me over if it is fun and looks beautiful. The Thai flowers tasted nice and slightly sweet and lemony; the pea tops basically tasted like broccoli. But I like broccoli.

We just dropped the stems, leaves and flowers in the wok with some garlic, soy sauce and oil – simple and delish.

The leftover buds I added to one of my favorite vintage vases. I particularly love the tiny curly-cues.

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Cage Match

As a renter without a yard, I’ve invested in a few pots and various types of edibles that are pot/deck/patio/porch/balcony happy. My two year old columnar apples were getting lonely, so this year we bought some herbs.

I have a tendency to want to buy EVERY herb at the nursery… somehow we managed to finally narrow it down to three: chocolate mint, habak mint and chives. (I like chives for their lovely petite flowers, especially.)

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A Taste of Mother’s Day

The selfish child in me wishes I had kept these for myself, but the loving daughter in me was happy to share.

Please enjoy.

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On Aging Well

As usual, I found it impossible to leave my leftover flowers at home while I sit in a beige and grey cubicle, so I brought them to work to enjoy their beauty, and inevitably, watch them wilt.

When I came in this morning, the red peonies, yesterday having faded slightly to a more magenta hue (one even is nearly purple with white streaks), had lost a handful of petals. There is a scattering of petals on the floor that look more like feathers than petals. The soft cluster where they dropped on the desk amazes me – I look at the blossom and swear there can’t be so many petals having fallen off when so many are still firmly attached.

Again, I wonder at the lives of flowers.

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Spring in the City

[overlooking the lower reservoir @ Mt Tabor. apologies for the continuing usage of the camera phone]

Once again I am surprised by the incredible greens of Spring. Nothing is quite like it. Completely inspired for vibrant Mother’s Day bouquets…

What is your favorite aspect of Spring in the city?

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Speaking of Edibles

I spent the afternoon yesterday walking the neighborhood around N Mississippi ave, and admiring the many home gardens. If you have even a small yard you can plan so much food (trying hard not to covet)! But! even without a yard/garden/etc, there are still some options for growing things outdoors.

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