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Even for those in the flower business, plants and flowers don’t always do what you want them to.

Take my lucky bamboo,  for instance: it is well on its way to dying. Now, I feel like I have a moderately decent green thumb – if not a solid green, it’s at least a sage or even turquoise – but this plan is seems to have bested me. And it’s a bamboo, for goodness sake! On day it was fine, healthy, green, and the next day I find it with an inch of yellow on the stalk. I left it for the weekend (it lives in my cubicle) and now the yellow has creeped at least another inch. I’m not sure what happened, and I plan to cut off the dead section and see if it revives. If not, well, we’re do for a trip to the Portland Nursery anyway.

Thank goodness for all our wonderful, local gardeners, and cut flowers.


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