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Where to Find Flowers, part 1

One thing I love about having a floral business is having access to tons of  incredible flowers year round. If that’s not you, and you don’t have an event coming up that you need a florist for, or if you haven’t had one in the past few weeks (yes, most of my arrangements look good for well over a week), where are you supposed to get a hold of amazing flowers? If you live in the city, and you’re not a big fan of the grocery store flowers (often unimaginative, standard, not local and not fresh)  I know it can be a challenge. If those potted plants on your apartment balcony you’ve nurtured for months finally have a bloom or two and it seems a crime to cut them and bring them indoors – I totally understand (though I have way too much unfounded faith in potted plants).

So where does that leave us?

Well, I’ve mentioned the Portland Farmers Markets (which are just getting started – hooray!), but we’ve also got other options…

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