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Good Enough to Eat

Edible has always intrigued me.

I’m a picky eater, yes, and am often more concerned with texture than flavor, but I love trying new things – I am all about presentation: if it looks incredible, I will be more excited about eating it.  As a kid I loved the freedom and adventure of going out in the backyard or woods and knowing about plants I could eat. We grew wild strawberries, among other things, and I loved searching the yard for a couple of fresh, sweet bites. I love that some plants have both traditional edible parts as well as other more unusual parts that can also be eaten. Garlic, for example – delicious in bulb, and incredible in flower! Plants with edible flowers make my day. Continue reading



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Wreath Centerpiece

Wreaths are unbelievably versatile. Traditionally they dress doors and windows – the occasional gate or trellis, if you’re lucky enough to have those around your yard. But – for those of us with small houses and yards, or indoor weddings surrounded by glass doors – we need not feel left out! Wreaths are fabulous centerpieces. They are useful because they are so low – they can be enjoyed without being in the way. Or, of you like, you can place a vase in the center and have two levels of flowers. Also, because of their low profile and shape, they are a lovely touch to a buffet – to surround a dessert stand, or any other pedestal, really, or with a candle in the center for a little more atmosphere.

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