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Alyssa’s Bridal Shower

Thank you, Alyssa, for getting married …and for choosing excellent wedding colors! Continue reading


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Good Enough to Eat

Edible has always intrigued me.

I’m a picky eater, yes, and am often more concerned with texture than flavor, but I love trying new things – I am all about presentation: if it looks incredible, I will be more excited about eating it.  As a kid I loved the freedom and adventure of going out in the backyard or woods and knowing about plants I could eat. We grew wild strawberries, among other things, and I loved searching the yard for a couple of fresh, sweet bites. I love that some plants have both traditional edible parts as well as other more unusual parts that can also be eaten. Garlic, for example – delicious in bulb, and incredible in flower! Plants with edible flowers make my day. Continue reading


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Spring in the NorthWest is such a funny thing. It is both slow and sudden. Winter has casually hung on here, while much of the rest of the country has seen it claim February with a vengeance! We’re all mostly content with a mild, damp, coldish month, with the exception of poor BC where they’ve been desperate for snow and colder temps. As a winter sport comrade and devote, I feel their pain. And I feel the conflicted pain of crossing my fingers for cold weather to hold and more rain/snow to fall so that my upcoming snowboarding trip will be all I’m hoping for, but at the same time my flower loving nature is so excited by the hydrangea buds, cherry blossoms and daffodils that have burst open after the last two days of glorious sunshine and 60 degree weather. Continue reading

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Garden Bouquet


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Summer Garland


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