Cage Match

As a renter without a yard, I’ve invested in a few pots and various types of edibles that are pot/deck/patio/porch/balcony happy. My two year old columnar apples were getting lonely, so this year we bought some herbs.

I have a tendency to want to buy EVERY herb at the nursery… somehow we managed to finally narrow it down to three: chocolate mint, habak mint and chives. (I like chives for their lovely petite flowers, especially.)

Not sure who’s bright idea it was to plant three types of herbs in ONE pot, but we did. Above are photos of what they looked like when we planted them. Below are photos of how much they’d grown in less than two weeks.


So we’re taking bets on which plant will crowd the others out and dominate the pot.  Who’s your money on?



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2 responses to “Cage Match

  1. pamela

    My money is on the chocolate mint, without a doubt. Someone sprinkled a mint seed in our flowerbed (which is now our vegetable garden) sometime before we lived there and it TOOK OVER. I ripped every inch of the long sideways growing vines out, but it is still a struggle to keep it back. It grows in every crack and crevas of the sement that I don’t rigorously weed and till.

    • Haha isn’t it crazy? We have neighbors with an infestation of lemon mint. I’m glad for it, though, because their yard is completely neglected – at least this way it smells good and looks interesting.
      We chose to pot the mint because we rent – we didn’t want to leave a permanent reminder of our stay 🙂
      I’ll hopefully post pictures this weekend of how the mints are coming along. They are both at least a foot tall now. I’ll take a picture before we harvest…

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